Saturday, July 19, 2014

I want your summer playlist

Sunglasses & Top: BikBok,  Hat & Skirt: H&M, Necklace:Cubus

Hello girls! I had such a good week. *It's unbelievable, lol...  I hope you all had an amazing week as well. I'm in the process of making what I think is so far the best summer playlist ever. I think its hilarious that feeling we get when we proudly listen to our creation and we think is the best playlist we ever done... At the same time every time we get the chance we add more songs thinking that our creation can only get better, not really realizing that we can never shot down our thirst for wanting more. We are all just so greedy sometimes...  When does the quote "less is more" ever really come in handy, can we ever really apply it. 

I took these photos earlier today and Im super happy about the way the photos turned out... I cannot wait to wear this look out. Im going to the movies tonight with Alexandra and after that we might go to have some drinks so this look might be the look for tonight as well =)... What are you guys doing tonight? 

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Saturday, July 12, 2014

In my deepest dreams...

green palms and white
Jumpsuit: Gina Tricot, Sunglasses: Gina tricot, Platforms: H&M

You know those days when you go shopping without any high expectations and you get there and you find a bunch of stuff on the sale section and you find some other items that you though were sold out... Well yesterday was such a day. I was at Hunkemöller with my mom on thursday and I put a bra on hold for the next. And so after work I was thinking about going to town in picked up.. So I went home and change and I though I was just going to pick up the bra and buy some food, I wasn't expecting to find anything else special or to check out the sales. But I'm glad I did... It was such a treat to find the items that I did... I was so pleased with my self... Don't you love those moments =) ... So, everything on todays look is new except for the black cardigan... I was thinking on getting these plattform, but I didn't want to spend that much so I was overjoyed when I found them... I had a love and hate relation towards these type of shoes but they kind won my heart =) 

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Im not missing out..


Happy Wednesday! I had a terrible night... I had the craziest dreams, most of it didn't make any sense, but the majority was almost like reliving stuff from earlier that day, with more details and more dramatic in a way... Somewhere, I read that its not always good to have super vivid dreams because it can prevent you from resting and getting a proper sleep. My parents used to be in to tarot, reading palms, the horoscope and interpreting dreams and they pretty much pass the habit on to me... I'm very superstitious and I do believe in signs and stuff like that... I know its silly, but sometimes my intuition and my inner gut proves that I am right when it comes to certain things in life... 

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Sunday, July 6, 2014

All of me

Photos by Dilan

Hey girlies!! So happy to be back.  I went away to work on a summer camp with YMCA. I had so much fun and it was so nice to be in the wild. It was challenging because this was my first time working as a leader on summer camp... I feels so good to be back,. I don't have any plans on going away for the upcoming 5 weeks. So I will be getting back on schedule with blogging and so other things. Im also super exited to tell you that I got together with the beautiful Dilan to take some outfit pictures for my blog. I've been admiring her awesome drawing skills for the longest time. Now that we live in the same cities it only makes sense that we start to collaborate =). This is also the first time I meet a fellow blogger... I'm so happy that we got together =)

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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Expect the unexpected


I spend almost the whole week away in the middle of nowhere in the south of Sweden by the Baltic sea, with some amazing women that I got to know trough this organisation that I am in. Meeting after meeting...  Im still exhausted, but I sure did learn a lot.. And I also got some distance from everything that is happening in my life... Its nice to scape for a while...  But its hits you hard when you get back... Its so hard to explain, but I feel like these couple of weeks have gone so slowly and so fast at the same time... I can hardly keep track of the days, because it mostly feels like it all happened yesterday, but centuries ago... Everything seems to be prolongated. Every tough and every question is stuck in a vicousity of mixed emotions, blindness and disorientation ... I'm trying to get back on track with my work, but its not going easily... Its not going well at all... I feel this pressure and an amazing desire to be done... My expectations are too high and the only thing I want is put all my money together and grab a flight quickly out here...   I wanna wear this suit to the beach, with no heels, not jacket or armer to protect me from the cold and I want to feel the burning sand, the salty air and the salty water... I would love to have a week or two just for my self... I keep thinking about the movie Tracks and I wonder if taking off and being away from it all is the solution...

Happy Sunday to you all =)

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Dangerously in love and I'm still just so peachy


It's been too long and I'm lost without you
What am I gonna do, said I've been needin' you
Wantin' you, wonderin' if you're the same
And who's been with you, is your heart still mine
I wanna cry sometimes, I miss you

Its been way too long... And I really don't want to make this in to a long and sad comeback... But my life hasnt been happy and cheerful...  I really don't know when Im going to be able to wake up from this nightmare.  But Im making an afford, yet again to get back in to whatever my reality is...  At the moment my only cure is to keep myself busy and just make the best of it... I won't go into details... Its just isn't pretty, its just too sad and too damn shameful to spread around... Timing is so ironic, it all had to come around at the most weird and important time of my life... This is why I been having a love and hate relationship with summer the last couple years. Summer is my favorite season, but it has been spoil for way too much to enjoy it anymore... But that's enough about that.  I decided to come back to my blog and taking pictures of my outfits and I decided to make this summer count so that I can celebrate in december... It all will make sense later so don't ask me yet. Specially now that I don't want to ask myself those questions... 

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